Opening words of the Swiss Consul in Lithuania:

Dear Guests


I regret very much not to be able to attend in person today; meetings, which requite my attendance abroad, keep me from being Kaunas tonight.


When I heard and read of this project I was fascinated by the idea of an art-project involving women in so many countries, including countries where women's role is still often not recognized as it should be.


Any contribution that can be made to give women in the world motivation and self-confidence to insist on their rights and rightful roles deserve our support. I commend the initiators of this project and wish them well not only in Lithuania but in many more countries of the world.


Since I cannot attend in person tonight, I have taken the time to have a look at the artwork in the internet. As a non-artist I found the art work very appealing and beautiful and am sure that many visitors will share my sentiments.


To bring different cultures together and to aim at the peaceful living together of different people and cultures is very much a part of the Swiss heritage and of the Swiss nation. I hope therefore that this project not only be successful in Lithuania as such but that it may open the views of women in Lithuania to other cultures and mentalities to be found not only abroad but also within this beautiful country in which we live.


It is women who seem to be able to read not only with the eyes but also with the heart. May this project help to see the beauty of art and of life also with our hearts.


I wish you a successful opening .



Bruno Kaspar